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Why You're Still Single?

The second real is the so-called astral plane. This is where human spirits abide in between lifetimes, the spirit world. This is the realm a medium usually connects to, whether it is directly or through a spirit guide. Because the spirits in this realm aren't limited by the three-dimensional existence in the time-space continuum.

Nevertheless, the information found here is usually of a human nature.

Friends And Family

The third realm lies beyond the astral and could be called the spiritual plane. Its various layers are the abode of nature spirits, enlightened beings, angels, and other divine messengers. This is the realm a channelling.

Career & Money

The lowest or densest layer is the physical plane. This is where humans spend their lives in material bodies endowed with the physical senses of perception. Here, we are going through prep school, as it were. We're learning all kinds of lessons to develop our soul.

Love & Sex

Have you ever wondered about what might be the difference between a medium and a channelling medium? In popular modern language, there seems to be no difference between "medium" and "channel."

After all, what else is a medium but a channel of info. Yet, there is quite a difference between the two. According to many traditions, there are various levels of existence, although the numbers given often vary. One thing all these traditions agree on, however, is that there are three basic realms. For simplicity's sake, you can imagine them like the layers of an onion.

Sometimes, you may get answers that don't seem to make immediate sense. Don't dismiss them; let them sink in for a while. After all, the reasoning comes from the outer reaches of the universe and is designed to help you find a mode of existence you perhaps couldn't even envision before! The more you think about the reading, the more it will apply to your life!

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